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Demolition work is an important aspect of construction and can help ensure that buildings are removed safely and properly. Here at Sina Innenausbau GmbH, we are experts in the field of demolition and offer our customers comprehensive services from planning to completion.

We work closely with our customers and take their wishes and ideas into account to develop a demolition concept that is tailored to them. We pay attention not only to the practical aspects but also to the sustainability and environmental compatibility of the materials and methods used. Our experts use modern technologies and materials to carry out safe and effective demolition work.

In addition to the demolition itself, we also take care of all other steps up to completion. This includes, for example, the disposal of demolition materials, the dismantling of facilities and equipment, or the preparation of the site for new construction. In this way, we can offer our customers an all-around carefree package and make the demolition work as stress-free as possible for them.

We look forward to assisting you with your demolition needs and offering our services to you as well. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your project with us.


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The planning includes the preparation of a demolition concept, which specifies the method of demolition, the required permits, and the disposal of the demolition materials.

Permits are required to ensure that demolition complies with applicable regulatory and safety requirements.

Demolition work includes the removal of the building and structural components and preparation of the site for new construction or other use.

The disposal of demolition materials is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rework includes making seals, removing demolition debris, and preparing the ground for new use.