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Our Projects

Painting and varnishing

Whether you want to repaint your apartment or renovate your office – we are your reliable partner and offer you comprehensive services from a single source. From planning to completion, we take care of all the necessary steps and ensure that the painting and varnishing work is completed to your complete satisfaction.

Our professionals have many years of experience and are attuned to the most diverse requirements and wishes of our customers. We rely on high-quality materials and use only environmentally friendly paints and painting techniques to achieve the best results.

Trust in our competence and let us advise you. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and assisting you in the realization of your project.

As a general contractor, we offer our customers professional services in the field of painting and varnishing. Our team has many years of experience and the necessary expertise to perform all types of painting and wallpapering works. We also specialize in painting works to visually enhance your rooms.

In addition to painting and varnishing works, we also offer facade works to protect and design your building facade. We place great emphasis on quality and precision in the execution of our work and ensure that all our customers’ requirements are met. Contact us for more information and to discuss your project with us.

Painting and varnishing

Maler- und Lackierarbeiten München

In this step, the work is planned and discussed in detail. This includes the choice of colors and materials, the amount of materials needed, the duration of the work and the timing of its implementation.

Before starting the actual painting and varnishing work, the rooms must be prepared. This includes removing wallpaper, removing old coats of paint, repairing cracks and holes, and taping windows and doors.

In this step, the actual painting and varnishing work is carried out. This includes painting walls, ceilings and doors, as well as painting window frames and door frames.

After completion of the work, the rooms must be cleaned. This includes removing paint residue, cleaning walls, ceilings and windows, and peeling off masking tape.

In this step, any finishing work is carried out. This includes touching up paint imperfections, repainting areas that were not perfectly executed, and replacing masking tape.

After completion of all work, an acceptance test takes place. Here, the work is checked by a representative of the client and any defects are recorded and rectified.