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Our Projects


As a general contractor, we offer our customers professional planning services to successfully implement their construction projects. Our planning includes the preparation of tenders and specifications, the development of our own ideas or the implementation of your ideas, the construction and consulting as well as the implementation of detailed planning in CAD.

Our services also include the documentation of the actual condition and the measurement in order to create an exact basis for the planning. Our experts are able to create the necessary product data sheets to clearly summarize all relevant information.

We place great emphasis on precision and quality in planning and ensure that all aspects of your construction project are taken into account. Our team is available to answer your questions and help you realize your project. Contact us for more information and to discuss your project with us.



This is where the basic ideas and goals for the project are defined. This also includes the analysis of the current state and the identification of potentials and challenges.

In this step, the spatial conditions of the project are precisely recorded and documented. This includes the creation of floor plans and sections as well as the recording of measurements and dimensions.

In this phase, the concepts and ideas developed are translated into initial designs. This includes sketches, drawings and 3D models that visualize the planned measures and solutions.

In this step, the designs and plans are reviewed and approved by the necessary agencies. These include, for example, the building inspectorate, the preservation of historical monuments or the fire department.

In this phase, the designs are converted into concrete plans and tenders for construction. This includes, for example, the preparation of tender documents, technical drawings and product data sheets.

In this step, the plans and tenders are put into practice and the project is realized. This includes the organization of the construction site, the execution of the work and the monitoring of quality and progress.